Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Aug. 30th - Stone Vista Media: Acoustic Night

The folks involved with Stone Vista Media do good stuff, you know.

Gig Report - Aug. 22nd

Self promoted:

Saint City
Young Mindz
Ill Fede

The thing about hip-hop shows is that they seem to bring a crowd that's truly animated. The folks there to see the show are seriously into what's going on, and you can actually have "call and response" between the stage and the house. Great stuff by all the performers. The beats were well produced, and the MC's knew their material backwards and forwards. It got a little bit chaotic with 6 microphones being passed around between different people, but everything stayed reasonably within control - after I figured out who had what mic, of course! I was also impressed by how well the groups treated their fans after the show, by the way.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Gig Report - Aug 1st

Self promoted:


Strange that Geppetto couldn't find anyone to open for them. Surprising because there are a lot of rock bands in the area that want opportunities to play. (I think. I guess. I mean, that's the impression I get.) Nice long soundcheck. I think my mic placement on the guitar cabs was a little less than perfect. Still sounded okay most of the time, but I think I'll try something different on the next go around. Reasonable crowd for only having one band, and highly enthused at that.

Gig Report - July 26th

Stone Vista Media:

Katie Ainge
Kenny Ainge
The Tangerines
The Dockets

Festival style show - no "real" soundchecks except for linecheck and Katie. Discovered that KBM412's are the wrong choice for live sound reinforcement (or, at least mine is. Low frequency feedback gremlins all over the place.) Everything ended up sounding pretty decent, though. (I might have left a bit too much midrange in the piano.) Solid turnout, crowd seemed enthused.

Gear, Part II


I went through with swapping out the monitor rig. It's a lot more consistent now, and we have a proper drum fill. (Or, at least, something that resembles a proper drum fill.) Also, everything (at the "rig" level) is now at least being run in a biamped configuration - except the drum fill, which is triamped.

I'm updating the slide show, and I'll post the pictures here as well.