Thursday, March 26, 2009

Gig Report: Mar 21

The Assent
Burnt Orange
It Is This Big

Well attended night.  Audio went well.  I had several pointers from It Is This Big's usual audio technician, which were quite helpful.

Gig Report: Mar 20

Burnt Orange
A Cassandra Utterance
Ask For The Future

Well attended night.  Tried my best to enjoy the goings on while not running the system too hard.  No audio issues that I remember.

Gig Report: Mar 19th

The Braskies
Suburban Bordumb
Stiney And The Flip Kids
Gypsy Cab

A good night, with a bad outcome.  Was satisfied with the way the audio went, but the phone call from the unhappy neighbor undid my cheeryness at the way the night had been going.

Gig Report: Mar 18th

The Package
Empire Of The Forgotten
Junior Giant
Verona Lane

A pretty solid gig, as I remember.  Must've been an okay audio night - nothing jumps out at me as having gone wrong.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Very Bad News - But A Glimmer Of Hope

Hi Folks,

On 03/19 I had a call from an upset neighbor complaining about Underground. Apparently, a call had also been placed to SLPD, and dispatch sent an officer to investigate.

Underground being a bad neighbor is not a recipe for success.  In an effort to salvage the situation, drastic steps must be taken.

Effective immediately, shows must begin at 6:00 PM (or earlier), and end no later than 8:00 PM. I realize that this is an enormous hardship and disappointment, but I am trying desperately to not be in a situation where I have to quit entirely.

Underground has been successful because of the good will of people like you, and also because we have managed to stay on good terms with the neighbors (until today). Although this is frustrating, being able to work within it will allow us to continue to serve the music community until New Song finds a new location.

Thank you for all that you do,


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gig Report: Mar 14th

Last The Winter
Burnt Orange
Sean Olyer
Matt Ben Jackson

Another solidly attended night.  Uneven in the audio department, though.  Felt like I was alternating between good and bad choices.  The monitors did not want to cooperate on this show, and I can't say that I know why.  (Although having lots of channels with lots of gain applied is certainly harder to manage.)  Tripped the PA system's power management breaker again.  Time to find one more circuit...

Gig Report: Mar 13th

Josaleigh Pollet
Marie Bradshaw
Katie Van Sleen

Solid crowd.  Felt like the technical portion of the night went quite smoothly.  Mellower night - nice and relaxing!

Gig Report: Mar 12th

Crashing At Dawn
Seriously Evan

Minimal crowd.  Do people know what they're missing?  Felt good about the way the mixes turned out.  Was especially happy with CaD's sound, as I felt like everything came together in a way that allowed me some meaningful options.

Gig Report: Mar 9th

Never Before
Separation Of Self
Fatal Remedy
And Embers Rise
A Horrible Night To Have A Curse

Cool night.  Felt like it went very well.  Sizeable crowd.  Got prodded to make the kick drum a much more prominent element in the mix, and felt like the end result made folks happier.  I've been loving the current batch of metal vocalists that I've encountered, because they sing loudly enough to be heard over the backline.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Gig Report: Mar. 7th

Killing Roses
Tempest Storm
Drop Dead Julio
Arm The Children

Night went very smoothly from my end, even with a sprinkling of issues (like a broken string) on the stage side.  Four out of the five bands wanted a quick mixed recording of their sets, so that helped to offset a night that had fewer folks in the crowd.  Was pleased to see that The Resistant (now Killing Roses) is determined to continue after their lineup change.  They always do a solid job at putting their shows together, and being organized on "the day of."  It makes my life a lot easier.

Gig Report: Mar. 6th

Farewell Flight
A Cassandra Utterance
By Tonight

Pretty smooth night.  Was a little bit too conservative on the bass for Arienette, as far as the crowd was concerned.

Gig Report: Mar. 3rd

Galaxy Down

No show tonight.  I think Galaxy had problems on their tour, and had to cut it short - but I'm not entirely sure.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gig Report: Feb 28th

Radical Grace Band
Sara Janey
Star To Star
Kayley G

Well attended, and for a good cause.  Clean water for third world countries is important!  Not really my best night, though.  I had weird feedback issues that cropped up at inopportune times, and were also hard to solve.  Annoying!

Gig Report: Dec 27th

Dethrone The Sovereign
Sons of Perdition
Scandel Plagues
Rise of Athena

Moderately attended night.  Went pretty well, technically speaking.  Pushed too hard on SOP and tripped the protection on the PA circuit.  Dialed back a bit, and everything was happy for the rest of the night.

Gig Report: Feb 26th

Stag Hare
Ben Kilborne & Kildem Soto
Silver Antlers

Lightly attended night.  Not a whole lot to do for sound reinforement overall, as quite a bit was premixed and sent down direct lines to my console.  Pretty smooth, no major issues.  This kind of music can have a pretty wide dynamic range, so I was sometimes surprised at how loud things were getting.