Saturday, April 11, 2009


The most excellent Nate McNeil put in a ton of work to help get these window coverings made.  They seem to block a fair amount of the music - but they can't stop the low end.  (Not even the cinderblock really stops that, of course.)

Huge kudos are also due to A Cassandra Utterance, who showed up and put in the winning shot by getting these painted up nicely.  They're a way cool band, and way cool people.  You should check them out.

With these puppies over the windows, I think we can push things until 9:00 PM pretty safely.  (Nobody's complained to me about that yet, and I'm hoping that will stay the way it is...)

Oh yes, before I forget, another venue that seeks to get the locals some money for their efforts has opened.  I think more venues are always a good thing - more venues means a community with more music!  The new place is called Happy Time Music.  If you can't get a show at Underground, I would consider trying to get your show there.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lookie - A Picture!

So, the gig reports seem to be getting stale.

Instead, here's a picture of the aftermath of a Crashing At Dawn show.  Note the cool use of ropelight on Franz's 4X12.  I have an antipathy towards ropelight in general, but I think this idea was an excellent one.