Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mason Jones and the GT's


After a recent show, Mason told me that he expected a good review on the site.

Now, normally, I've tried not to evaluate the bands when writing show reviews. However, I'm definitely willing to pass along info about a band that I particularly like, and Mason Jones and the GT's definitely fits the bill.

Bottom line:

From the first few notes of the first set that I heard these guys play, I have been in love. This is full throttle, straight ahead, turbocharged American rock. Think along the lines of what would happen if Bruce Springsteen and John Mellencamp got together for a tour that criss-crossed the Midwest. Mason Jones and the GT's are the soundtrack that plays whenever a classic Ford Mustang (with racing stripes) is fired up.

I urge you to go see a Mason Jones and the GT's show before they become huge, and you have to sacrifice a car payment in order to get a seat at an arena.

Check it out - one cool thing about this video (other than the rock, of course) is you can hear me fumble around with turning up the wrong guitar during the first solo: