Wednesday, July 9, 2008


So...if you're looking at the slideshow that's current as of this posting, I need to say one thing for "100% transparency." I'm thinking of re-doing the monitor rig to make it both more compact and more consistent.

Notice that I said "I'm thinking of."

If I do decide to change the monitor rig, the downstage monitors will "only" have 10" LF drivers, but I will also be putting in a drum fill upstage.

Now I just have to decide whether or not I'm actually going to go through with it. Hmmmm...

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Jason Riggs

Okay, everybody. We need to get one thing straight right now.

Jason Riggs is superbly awesome. He's sort of a "JohnnyDylanCash" type of writer, and he tells great stories about his songs.

...and he's moving away.

Which sucks.

I just thought I'd let everybody know.

Go here and buy things: Jason's Website

On The Booking Of Shows

First, make sure that everybody involved (that means everybody responsible for promoting OR playing at the show) can agree to the following:

Please enjoy Underground at your own risk - and please be excellent to each other at all times.

REGARDING TOURS: Touring acts are as welcome at Underground as anyone else.  However, Underground does not have the resources to directly support touring packages needing guarantees, and with our short hours we cannot support touring packages with more than two acts.  In order to have any kind of crowd present at your show, you must have strong local support, and if you have guarantee needs, you will need to work that out with the local bands or a local promoter.  Again, this is not to make anyone unwelcome - it is just to ensure that everyone has a worthwhile night.

VERY IMPORTANT: Underground has no staff other than the audio technician (that's me)!  You MUST bring your own person to handle the door.  Remember to bring change, or ask for exact change only!

Underground is very much about bands having control over their own show whenever possible.  For this reason, it is also the responsibility of the band booking the venue to put their own bill together, and approve anyone requesting to join the bill.

The "house split" is $2 per admission.  You can set any price for admission that you like that is above $2.  The split makes it possible for me to do Underground as a full time gig (which I like very much).

In order to be good neighbors, we need to end shows by 9:00 PM.  Keeping the neighbors happy is key to our survival!

As a result of this, the suggested show is a 2 - 3 band bill that has doors at 6:30 PM, and starts promptly at 7:00 PM.  You are welcome to start a show earlier if you think that your crowd will show up that early, of course.

I would characterize our PA system and monitor rig as small, but reasonably decent.  However, we don't have loads of power or unlimited gain before feedback - please take this into account!

If everybody can agree to this, then the next step is to get in contact. The phone (801.638.7975) is good, but it can be better to send an e-mail to (that's a zero after dmaland, not an "o").

Some information that we'll need is:
  • Which band(s) (if any) want their show multitracked. We can only multitrack the first 16 channels.  A "faders up" quick mix of the recording is $10.  A full multitrack mix is $150 (per band/ performer).  Please note that, as of this time, we only record upon request.
  • The websites or Myspace pages of the bands playing the show.
  • The input list for each band.
After that, we'll get soundcheck times squared away, and everything will be ready to go.

I Heard You Missed Us...We're Baaaaack!

Yeah, okay, so.

What you're called to do? It's not optional. Thanks Nate, for the sermon.

What this means is that New Song Underground lives again! Hopefully the lessons learned last time have made me wiser.



Instead of a regular website, I've opted for a blog. I figure that it's better than a regular website with a regular calendar, because it's easier to configure and manage (it's a content management system with no software to install!), and people who want to get continual updates can subscribe to the feed.

I had grand visions of hosting audio through the webserver set up for New Song Underground, but somebody bought out from under me while I wasn't paying attention. I suppose I could get


We'll see.

I'm non-committal because I don't know if hosting audio is really that important to me or not.

So there ya go.

Bottom line: Utah bands, we're here for you. We want you to have a place to play, so make use of us. The plan is to be "the venue that loves you," and though I'm sure we'll screw up royally along the way, we're going to try hard.

See, that couple of sentences would never make it out of a marketing department. I have an engineering mentality though. Truth before hype.