Monday, January 26, 2009

Gig Report: Jan 24th

Mothers Of Sons
The VCR Quintet

Interesting night.  The musical style was very different, yet it was still quite comprehensible.  The crowd was somewhat small, but very dedicated - "rapt attention" dedicated.  This kind of music (what I would call electronic experimental) forces you to listen to what's happening, and try to dissect it.  The night went very smoothly for me, although we had a little trouble getting Mothers Of Sons patched in.  Once that was fixed, though, everything else was straightforward.

Gig Report: Jan 23rd

Ben Johnson
Castor and Pollution
Michael Gross and the Statuettes

Lightly attended show, which is too bad - I guess people don't know what they're missing when they pass over local talent here in Salt Lake.  No real problems on my end, although the theme for the night appeared to be "the troublesome amplifier issue."  Had Anthony (Ben Johnsons's band) lose his Peavey to some weird crackling, and MGatS's lead guitarist got into issues with his input jack - so much so that the set had to be cut short.  Yikes!

Gig Report: Jan 22nd

The Dockets
By Tonight
Jeremy Tyler
Ryan Clawson

This was the "Farewell for Two Years" show for The Dockets.  Pretty okay attendance, and no audio problems that I was aware of.

Gig Report: Jan 21st

As Grace Falls
Alas The Dreamer

Short-ish night, lightly attended.  Was supposed to have one more band, but they ended up being unable to make it.  Actually got the sampler in the right place for the FOH mix, but Alex from AtD ended up not being able to hear himself in the monitors.  You win some, you lose some.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gig Report: Jan 17th

Rising Artists Studios LLC

Another well attended showcase.  Can't say I was wild about the wireless mic provided.  It transmitted well enough, but it distorted quite audibly during louder passages.  The night also provided one other notable story:

One of the performers was a former monitor tech for Clair Brothers/ Showco.  (One of the biggest providers of touring/ event audio in the entire world.)  I'll give you one guess as to during whose set I pressed "recall" too early, causing screaming feedback from a mic that had been moved directly in front of the stage right stack.

That's right.

Gig Report: Jan 16th

Spontaneous Kennie
The Skaficionados
Stiney and the Flip Kids
Suburban Bordumb

Not much to say about the gig.  Smooth sailing most of the way through, and a substantial crowd.  Had some issues balancing the horns at times.  Not sure whether I like my new ear plugs or not - they're comfortable, but I'm not sold on how they sound.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Gig Report: Jan 10th

Mesa Drive
Burnt Orange
Ask For The Future
A Cassandra Utterance

Solidly attended night.  I am now pretty sure that our distortion problem is coming from driving the snot out of the amp for the mid-highs.  I have a plan for more PA, but it's somewhat experimental, and requires a fair amount of cash.  I had trouble getting the guitar in the right place for Cassandra and Burn Orange, and couldn't quite get enough monitor for Cassandra.  Nobody seemed unhappy, though.

Gig Report: Jan 9th

Nicholas Allen
Kayley G
Peace Tree

Moderately light attendance.  Very relaxed night, as all artists were acoustic.  Audio was a breeze to make happen.

Gig Report: Jan 8th

The Won Twenties
Samson and Goliath
The Tedronai Project

Very fun night.  Well attended for being a last-minute gig.  Was sad to hear that The Won Twenties will be pretty much unable to play for a while.  Got to test my new earplugs.  I like the Alpines best overall - very soft and comfy.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gig Report: Jan 3rd

Self Promoted:

Empire of the Forgotten
Hotel on Baltic
The Dockets
Alternate Projection
The Sweater Friends
Unknown Anthem
Junior Giant

Huge show.  Tons of bands, tons of gear, tons of audience.  Alex from Empire did a great job in setting the show up, and then keeping it on track.  We actually ran ahead of schedule, which is almost unheard of.  My new "monitor method" of basically starting at full throttle for the vocals seemed to work well - I think I'm going to keep it.

Had a pretty substantial equipment failure near the end of Hotel on Baltic's set, because I was running everything very hard.  The Furman power management system (just a glorified surge protector with rack ears) popped its internal breaker, and shut down the entire PA.  Took a minute to find and diagnose, because every other breaker I've tripped has been at the actual service panel.  Another first!

Gig Report: Jan 2nd

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Crashing at Dawn
Rainy Lane

The first show of the New Year went off pretty smoothly.  Had some technical issues with Rainy Lane's setup, but it all got sorted out.  Show seemed reasonably well attended.  Didn't quite get the mix for CaD to be "just so," but the critical parts seemed to happen smoothly.

Gig Report: Dec 31st

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I expected a pretty relaxed night, and that was what I got.  Cambriah did about an hour long set for some family and friends, and then a film crew took the opportunity to shoot a quick scene for an indie film.  I got home before midnight. :)

Gig Report: Dec 29th

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Postcards From Hell
Thunder Mistress
Suburban Bordumb
This Dying Need

A night of intense, high-octane rock.  Seemed to go well, and was decently attended.  No major technical problems, although I miscued on a few guitar solos here and there.